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Las Vegas Based Videography, Photography and Design - Visuals, Music, Brand Strategy, Social Media Management
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Las Vegas Videography

Social Media Content, Promotional Content, Short Ads, Product Photography, Social Media Marketing, Photo and Video for Las Vegas Businesses, Photo and Video for Las Vegas Entertainers and Personalities. Model Photography, Fashion Photography, Vlog, Documentary, Headshot Photography, Portrait Photography, Boudoir Photography

For Businesses/Brands: We produce High Quality HD video and photo content you can use to promote, and drive engagement with your followers/prospective clients. Promotional ad spots, Interviews, Product Highlights, Instructional Videos, Viral Commercials, Visual Tours, HD Product Photography, and many more concepts. Today’s market craves interactivity, entertainment, and interesting content. These are things we will help you achieve in ways that are proven to grow your business and result in real monetary gain. We have helped many businesses achieve their strongest numbers ever, and we want to help you do the same.

For Social Media/Entertainment Personalities: Being a personality today means one thing: a constant need for high-quality content, and as a Radio, Television, Entertainment or Social Media personality, your work to fulfill that responsibility is never done. Thankfully we’re here to produce smart, professionally edited and produced content, so you can focus on what really drives engagement and growth; being yourself. Video coverage of your Appearances, Gigs, Events, Philanthropy, Personal Messages, Product Promos, Music Videos and Recaps. We’ll take care of it so you can focus on building your brand and interacting with your fanbase. Our content has shown record engagement on huge accounts and for those on the come up. If growth is what you are looking for, or if you just need to display some improved production value in your content, we can deliver your vision.

For Events: It’s simple, your event needs great coverage. In Las Vegas, there is no shortage of spectacular events to attend, in sprawling neon lit venues with hundreds (thousands?) of locals and tourists in attendance. Weddings, Concerts, Parties, Corporate Galas, Private Gatherings, and Grand Openings all need great photo and video content to back them up. After all, if there is no recap media to be found, did it even happen? And how better to let people know that if they missed it, they’d better make sure to clear their schedule for next time. You can focus on organizing, entertaining, and being a gracious host. We’ll focus on generating great visuals that are proven to grow events’ attendance exponentially, even after the first engagement.

I’m looking forward to creating with you.

-Robert L. McGovern, @on3trackmind